Retrieving the Sapling

After years of struggle and many adventures, The Rogs were finally able to get the Golden Acorn to sprout and begin it’s growth in it’s special chamber beneath their Keep. This day, the task of tending to the sapling fell to Glorbath Durn, the Gnome Cleric/Illusionist.

While tending to the ‘Golden Acorn’ sapling one day, Glorbath suddenly had an odd feeling. The hair on his body stood erect and his nose began tingling – a sure sign that powerful magic was being used. Before he could react, he found himself held by unseen forces and unable to think clearly enough to utter any arcane phrases. A spot next to the tree began shimmering and the outline of a being began to take shape.

When it completely materialized, Glorbath found himself staring at 10-foot tall creature with charcoal colored, scaly skin, cloven-hoofed feet, two serpentine tails that ended in barbs and a head that appeared human except for the three horns (one top and one from each side) that met at a point in front of its nose.

“I am Sharlowe, Son of the Duke of the sixth plane of Hell”, the being states. “This sapling you are tending is a sprout from a treasure that once belonged to me and I have come to re-claim it.” He claps his hands together and the sapling disappears with a thunderous ‘boom’. “I realize that you and your friends are not the thieves that took my treasure, therefore I will not punish you. In fact, since I am feeling generous today, I will offer you a bargain. If you wish to have the sapling returned to you, retrieve the Crown of Largoth for me. The crown can be found hidden in Mount Fourglan on the fourth plane of Hell. If you wish to accept this offer, merely pick up the brooch I will leave and speak my name. You will have one week to accept my offer then one month to bring the Crown to me. Once you have the crown, place it around the brooch and the deal will be completed.” Sharlowe then de-materialized leaving a charred brooch in the shape of a beetle behind.

After a couple of minutes, Glorbath was again able to move, although he found he was still unable to focus enough to cast any spells. He rushed back into the Keep where he relayed this information to Li, Keldor, and Redir (Flint and Crotalus were elsewhere). Glorbath urged the three to undertake this quest, and explained his problem that would force him to be unable to join them. He then left to pray for help in regaining his abilities

Rog Con 2009